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Definition of mine surveying
The Association of Mine Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ) defines
mine surveying as a branch of mining science and technology which includes all accurate measurements, calculations and mapping which serve the purpose of ascertaining and documenting information at all stages, from prospecting to exploitation and closure, and utilizing mineral deposits by both surface and underground workings.

Throughout the life of a mine, the surveying department acts as an information source for all other mining disciplines, thereby assisting their operation.

The principal activities of a Mine Surveyor are:

  1. The accurate mapping of the geology of mineral deposits and surrounding strata in relation to the assessment of mineral reserves and the economics of their exploitation.
  2. To assist in the evaluation, acquisition, sale, lease and management of mineral rights.
  3. The making recording and calculation of mine surveying measurements, in order to provide the basis for the planning and control of mine workings, and to facilitate economical and safe mining operations.
  4. Mining cartography, often strictly controlled by legislation.
  5. The investigation and prediction of the effects of mine workings on underground strata and the surface. the measurement of rock and ground movements caused by mining operations, the prediction of their effects on the U/G & surface strata and the precautions against deformation damage.
  6. Mine planning in the context of the local environment and rehabilitation of land affected
    by mining operations.

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